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We uncover beneficial fungi
for your application

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Our passion

Heading towards a sustainable future teaming up with fungi.

Fungi are our allies in the endeavour for a thriving and regenerative agriculture, for powerful medicines, for healthy and locally produced food and for extraordinary building materials.

Our allies
How we do it

Individual solutions require partners of an equal footing.

The mission of MyPilz is to connect people fascinated by fungi. We share our expertise in biology, biotechnology and genetics to find natural solutions for modern day problems.

Our expertise

Providing opportunities

Natural solutions for your sustainable business models

Isolation and cultivation

Isolation of fungi from various habitats including soil fungi and endopyhtes


Identification and DNA-based phylogenetic reconstruction

Sequencing and in silico trait prediction

Whole genome sequencing, genome mining, transcriptomics and more

In vitro phenotyping

Developing and maintaining significant in vitro assays and screening platforms

From lab to application

Real-life testing, monitoring and optimization

Get to know us

Dr. Wolfgang Hinterdobler & René Lux
Founder and CEOs of MyPilz

Find us

Wienerbergstr. 55/13–15
1120, Vienna, Austria