QuickDry Tubes · 50 pieces


Sample containers for the safe collection and storage of fungi for DNA sequencing

Ideally, samples for the identification of fungi using DNA sequencing are collected and dried directly at the site where they are found. This ensures good sample quality, as fungi begin to degrade their cell components and thus also their DNA after a short time.

  • Quick-drying with colour indicator: Our sample containers are filled with high-quality orange silica gel beads, which immediately absorb moisture. When they absorb water, they turn green in colour.
  • Reliable DNA preservation: Place a small piece of the mushrooms (5 to 10 mm) directly into the sterile sample containers. The DNA is preserved by rapid drying.
  • Practical & efficient: Collect the samples directly at the site where they were found. If identification via morphological characteristics is not possible, these samples can be used for DNA sequencing.
  • Labelling: Our sample containers can easily be labelled with permanent markers.

The silica gel beads can be reused after cleaning and drying in the oven.The containers are also suitable for collecting samples of pure cultures on culture media such as agar, cereal or liquid media.

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